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How to Become an Escort

Escorting is not a new profession but many women through time have reaped the benefits from this exciting and versatile career. With that being said, it may not be the right profession for everyone. If you are considering this line of work and think that it might be something that you would enjoy, there are a few things that you should first consider.

Why do you think that you would be a successful escort? Do you believe that you have a great look and an extraordinary personality to match? Do you like the idea of being an engaging companion with the ability to serve as both a great listener as well as a star entertainer? If so, then this might be an ideal job for you!

Women choose to escort for a variety of reasons. They may enjoy choosing their own hours, being pampered by men, love to take pleasure in new intimate experiences or opportunities, and of course benefit from the monetary gain.


Is escorting right for you?

Before you become an escort, it’s a good idea to think it through and ask yourself the following questions.
  • Can I commit to being an escort?
  • Would I enjoy the idea of being someone’s companion for monetary gain?
  • Will I tell my family and friends? Am I prepared for their reaction?
  • Can I handle the emotional effects of being an escort?
  • Am I entering this business for money, fun, or both?


Decide why you want to become an escort

  • Do you feel sexy?
  • Do you like the idea of getting paid to be pampered?
  • You get to set your own hours
  • Dating a man with no strings attached
  • Get paid really good money

Choosing between independent or agency

There are both pros and cons to choosing either working independently or working for an agency. If you are unsure of which option to choose, you should first review the pros and cons of each. An independent escort provides her own ad’s and or web pages as well as answering her own phone, screening potential clients and ensuring her own security.

An Escort Agency will manage the client screenings, bookings and advertisements. The escorts responsibility to the agency is to show up to the client without the hassle of managing all of the other details of the bookings. In this scenario, the escort is considered an independent contractor who provides the agency with a set upon fee to cover the advertising and management costs.

Independent Pros

You are in control and able to work for yourself.

You are keeping the profit to yourself as well as controlling your expenses.

You can set your own prices and choose your own schedule.

You are choosing your clients as you screen, therefore choosing who you feel comfortable seeing.

Independent Cons

You are responsible for managing your business, screening and security.

You may lack the security or protection that an agency can offer.

You are responsible for marketing yourself and the costs associated with the advertising.

You could meet a stranger who could potentially harm you if you don’t have a driver waiting or haven’t screened them well enough.

Agency Pros

They are able to screen your potential clients

They provide security through screening and providing you with a driver.

They advertise on your behalf.

You are able to work with other experienced women in this industry that can offer you advice and tips on certain protocol or clients behaviours.

You will be entering a business that is known and trusted.

You are able to contact an office or driver who is looking out for your safety.

Agency Cons

The agency will expect to take a cut of the money that you earn.

You are not your own boss as you are working for someone else.

The agency may insist that you work a certain number of hours or days per week which means that you may not be able to set your own schedule.

Choosing the right agency Escorts in Vancouver

Research, research, research!!! Make sure that you check around, visit and speak with multiple agencies until you find one that you feel comfortable with, as well as meet your needs and criteria. The following is a list of questions that you should consider for when attempting to find a reputable agency.

What type of security do they offer?

What is their screening process of clients?

What cut does the agency take, or what do they offer for compensation?

Do you feel a rapport with the agency that you are speaking with and do you feel a sense of comfort that they are looking out for your best interests?

Do they offer in-calls, outcalls or both?

Do they have drivers that you can use or do you need to find your own transportation to outcalls?

What is the agency policy on escort safety?

Do they insist on the use of condoms or do they expect you to perform bareback?